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[Shopify] Setup Multiple Languages

12. Multiple Languages

How are you going to create a website where can show multiple pages of the same thing, but in different languages? It's easy to use this function in our theme.

Before we begin setting up Multiple Language, you need to read these below parts.

12. 1. How to use Multiple Languages

Login to your Shopify admin panel and go to Online Store --> Themes --> Customize theme

At Multi Languages section, check Enable, then fill in the name of 2 languages and upload the icon you'd like to show at Language 1 and Language 2.

Multi Lang

After that, set the active language from the Languages page (in which the active languages matching Lang 1)


12. 2. Multiple Languages in Navigation & Theme Setting


Login to your Shopify admin panel and go to Navigation

Click link lists you'd like to show multiple languages.

After that, change text follow the structure Lang 1 | Lang 2


Then click Save to save a link list.

Do the same for Theme Setting.


12. 3. Multiple Languages in Product Title


Login to your Shopify admin panel and go to Products --> Product List.

Click on the product that you'd like to show multi languages.

Color Variant

After that, change Product title follow the structure Title Lang 1 | Title Lang 2 .


Then click Save to save product.


12. 4. Multiple Languages in Product Description


The Product Description of product need to put follow the structure Content Lang 1 [lang2] Content Lang 2 .



12. 5. Multiple Languages in Page content


The Page content of product need to put follow the structure Page content Lang 1 [lang2] Page content Lang 2 .


12. 6. How to translate


Login to your Shopify admin panel and go to Online Store --> Themes --> Edit language

  • If your languages which you'd like to show are created before, you need to complete the translation of them. (You can read here to view or update a translation).
  • If your languages which you'd like to show didn't create before, you need to create the new translation. (You can read here to know how to create the new translation).

After completing the translation, you need to:

  • Go to Themes --> Edit HTML/CSS.
  • At Locales folder, it contains files of translation. Please open the file of cleversoft-lang2 (for example: open en.default.json file), copy the content of this file.
  • After that search & open cleversoft-lang2.js file, paste the content of en.default.json file into this file from the second line.

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